Thursday, January 14, 2016

Notes on Missing Posts

One may notice that the entry titled "Federative Language Redux" is unavailable. I have not deleted it. I just reverted it to a draft because it is in need of maintenance. Thank you for your patience. :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Federation & Island Areas

Note: These figures are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Federation of the Six (including water): 19,537.19 mi² (50,601.09 km²)

Individual Islands

Fruit Island: 1,827 mi² (4,731.91 km²)
Electricity Island: 263.06 mi² (681.32 km²)
Fresh Water Island: 179.38 mi² (464.59 km²)
Grain Island: 440.44 mi² (1,140.73 km²)
Nut Island: 362.25 mi² (938.22 km²)
Vegetable Island: 261.69 mi² (677.77 km²)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Concept

Born on Fruit Island in the Federation of the Six on the planet Blue, Osya Kiraesen is the youngest of four sisters. She is a quirky, introverted, socially awkward but highly intelligent young Bluwan woman. When Kira was younger, she was diagnosed with Vedem Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. Her disability was a source of great stress, but eventually, she found a way to help herself through her ordeals via the practice of martial arts and meditation. Becoming highly fascinated with her means of stress relief, she deeply studied martial arts. This led to her becoming a martial arts instructor.

With the help of her sister Raeko, Kiraesen built her school in Sea Fox Town, calling it Kiraesen's Fight School. Kiraesen also lives in Sea Fox Town with Idera, the eldest of her sisters. One of Kiraesen's classes included a man named Nazk, with whom she fell in love. Kiraesen is also said to have the most beautiful smile of her sisters.

Kiraesen is in her bedroom, lying in her bed with her eyes closed. The bed sits in the right corner of the room when one walks in, and the headboard rests against the right wall. The adjoining wall adjacent to the long side of the bed has a window, and it is open. A gentle but chilly sea breeze caresses Kira's naked body, which prompts her to shiver. She closes the window, and then there is a knock at her door.

"Come," Kiraesen says. Idera opens the door.

"Hello, Idera."

"Hello, Kira, would you like to come with me to town today?" Idera asks.

"What is going on?" Kira inquires.

"Raeko, Kobokar, and Raetu are visiting," Idera answers. "We are to meet them at the restaurant."

"I will come. I have not seen them for some time," Kira rises from her bed and joins Idera.

At the restaurant, Raeko, her husband Kobokar, and Raetu are sitting at an outdoor table under an umbrella. They are studying the menus. Raetu, who is farsighted, wears reading glasses.

"I seem to have reached an impasse," Raetu speaks.

"What do you mean?" Raeko looks up from her menu.

"I am having difficulty selecting what I desire to eat," Raetu yawns.

"Has anyone ever mentioned that you yawn very frequently?" Raeko asks.

"I cannot help it. I have issues with lethargy and hypersomnia," Raetu states as she continues to study the menu.

Kobokar yawns, "Curses, Raetu, now you have me yawning."

Raeko continues, "How is your snoring? Is it still loud and obtrusive?"

"I often wake myself," Raetu responds.

"So in other words, it has not improved any?"

"No," Raetu smiles, and she and Raeko giggle slightly.

"Well, look who it is," Raeko says as she sees Idera and Kiraesen approach from her peripheral vision.

"Hello, Raeko," Kiraesen says.

Raeko sees that Kiraesen is wearing a white brace on her left foot.

"I see that you remembered your foot brace this time," Raeko observes.

"Yes," Kira confirms.

"I trust that next time you show off your strength, that you will stomp the stone block with your good foot?" Raeko giggles.

Kira rolls her eyes, and with slight irritation in her voice, "I made a mistake, all right? Can I live nothing down?"

"Calm yourself, Kira; you know that Raeko is just teasing you," Idera smiles and puts her arm around her sister.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Artwork, Part 6 (viewer discretion advised)

Hand Drawn Version
The picture below is based on this one that I drew with an ink pen and colored with crayons.

This one was drawn using MS Paint. I think that its one of my best. The sisters from left: Kiraesen, Idera, Raeko, and Raetu.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Seal of the Federation of the Six

Recently, I used an online logo creator to create the seal of the Federation of the Six. Please enjoy.
Seal Basis
Drawn in MS Paint, this is the basis for the seal that I created in the online logo creator.

Seal of the Federation of the Six (large)
The large pentagon represents the Federation as a whole, while the smaller pentagons represent the islands.

Seal of the Federation of the Six (small)
The colors of each small pentagon represent each island's most abundant produce: red for fruit, green for vegetables, light blue for fresh water, dark blue for electricity, brown for nuts, and beige for grains.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Planet Blue in 3D

On the Internet, I found something really neat that allows one to create their own planets. I used it to realize the planet Blue in 3D, including its moons. Here are some beauty shots. Please enjoy.

The planet Blue, Taeso, and Duago
The planet Blue, Taeso, and Duago

Blue, Keryaega, and Taeso from the view of Duago
Blue, Keryaega, and Taeso from the view of Duago

A shot of the other side of Blue
A shot of the other side of Blue

Another beauty shot
Another beauty shot

The planet Blue
The planet Blue
The Bluwan surface texture map
The Bluwan surface texture map

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Potential Beginning

Please note that this is based on the revised chronology. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien names and words, please refer to the "Pronunciation Guide" entry.

This is an idea about how Turquoise Sisters could begin. Please enjoy.

It is the centennial of the foundation of the Federation of the Six. A celebration is taking place in Sea Turtle Village’s central plaza. Idera, Raetu, Raeko, her husband Kobokar, and Kiraesen are present.

They watch as fireworks explode into sparkling rainbows in the night sky. With the fireworks shine the planet Blue’s twin moons, Taeso and Duago.

Raetu sighs and says, “What a magnificent display. If only Father could be here.”

Kiraesen responds, “Please do not mention that. It really hurts my feelings to know that he is gone.”

Idera puts her arm around Kiraesen, comforting her and kissing her on the cheek. Kiraesen smiles slightly and returns the gesture.

“Forgive me, Sister, I did not mean to upset you,” Raetu apologizes.

The sisters’ mother, Zaeta, comes to their side. She is 40 Bluwan years old, six feet tall, and is muscularly well-built, natural for Bluwans. She and Idera resemble each other, except Zaeta’s hair is slightly darker. Zaeta has her arms crossed.

“Hello, Mother,” Raeko looks and greets.

Zaeta smiles, “Hello, Raeko, Kobokar”

Kobokar looks at Zaeta, “Greetings, dearest mother-in-law. Are you enjoying the festivities?”

“I am. What about the rest of you?”

Idera says, “I cannot complain, Mother. The food is delicious, the men handsome, the fireworks beautiful.”

“I trust that you include me among those handsome men,” Kobokar chuckles.

“Yes, but let us wait until we are alone,” Idera jokes, and they all laugh.

“Kobokar is not for rent, Idera,” Raeko says and then notices someone familiar, “Is that Nazk?”

Indeed, it is Nazk, one of Kiraesen’s martial arts students. He has short blonde hair and silver eyes and is conversing with another man.

“Is Kiraesen not in love with him?” Raetu inquires.

Kiraesen looks down to hide her bright blue blushing and then speaks quietly, “I am not in love with him. He is my student. It would be inappropriate.”

“I thought that only student-teacher relationships would be inappropriate. Surely, just being in love with him is all right,” Raetu responds.

“Why do you not go speak to him?” Raeko asks.

“Actually, I think he is coming to speak to her,” Zaeta notes as Nazk approaches them after finishing his previous conversation.

“Greetings Teacher,” Nazk greets Kiraesen, who smiles slightly. He embraces her, “It is most agreeable to see you; you look very lovely this evening.”

Kiraesen chuckles nervously, “Thank you, but there is no need to be so formal. Please, call me ‘Kira,’” she requests.

“Kira, a lovely nickname for a lovely woman”

Kiraesen chuckles again, “Nazk, this is my mother, Zaeta. Mother, this is Nazk, one of my students.”

“Hello, Madam, you have my deepest condolences for the loss of your husband.”

“You are most kind. Soba was a good man, husband, and father. And I hope that one day you will be, too,” Zaeta then gestures for Nazk to come closer.

Zaeta whispers in his ear, “I hear that a certain young woman will soon be available.”

Nazk chuckles softly and says, “Thank you, Madam. Now if you will excuse me, I am heading home, for I am tired from all this merriment. Have a good night, Madam, girls,” and Nazk leaves.

“I have to say Kiraesen; you have taste. He is a fine young man. I approve.”

“Oh, Mother . . .”

Friday, April 18, 2014

Family Tree

This is a family tree that I drew using MS Paint. It is based on my revised chronology.

Update: I edited the family tree to make it easier to understand.

The family tree of the Osya sisters
The family tree of the Osya sisters

Turquoise Sisters Chronology

Recently, I revised the chronology of my story, so that it takes place 100 Bluwan years after the foundation of the Federation of the Six instead of 5,000. I thought it was more plausible. Please note, however, this chronology is tentative and is subject to change.

Update: I have calculated the equivalent Gregorian dates for each event and added a "0" year.

Update 2: I checked over my calculations and revised them because I made some errors.

19 B.F. (Before Federation)/1920 A.D.

Rikyo ("Revenge") is born to the concubine Omun. Emperor Valkoya is the father. Valkoya kills Omun after Rikyo's birth. Originally intending to kill the child, Valkoya changes his mind after seeing Rikyo's unnaturally white eyes without pupils. Valkoya realizes that Rikyo is blind, and for the first time in his life, Valkoya feels guilt. He decides to spare Rikyo, bestowing upon her the surname Balba, and making her an heiress to the throne, despite her birth by a concubine. Kora is not pleased about the arrangement.

Prince Robar and Prince Valkoya, the twin sons of Valkoya and Kora are also born around this time. Prince Valkoya will become Kora's "favorite." Rikyo and Robar will grow to be very close, and Emperor Valkoya will begin to have a change of heart.

12 B.F./1926 A.D.

In an insane rage, Kora uses her dagger to savagely murder Emperor Valkoya. In her madness, she decides to kill Rikyo and Robar as well.

Rikyo and her brother Robar, at the age of seven, are saved from being murdered. Their savior is Kanta, the lady-in-waiting who in reality is a recon agent of the Army of Salvation, a rebel faction against the tyrannical rule of Emperor Valkoya and Empress Kora. Kanta takes them to the future Salvation Forest, the clandestine base of the Army of Salvation. She adopts them and convinces them to join the Army.

With her descent into madness complete, Kora is locked in the palace dungeon and restrained. She will break free of her restraints several times and will attempt and fail to kill herself until she finally succeeds on Prince Valkoya's 14th birthday.

11 B.F./1927 A.D.

Prince Valkoya becomes Emperor Valkoya II at the age of eight.

5 B.F./1933 A.D.

Upon the successful suicide of his mother, Emperor Valkoya II begins his descent into madness, slaughtering some of his servants, and ordering a unit of the Imperial Army to go out and slaughter citizens indiscriminately. The Army of Salvation will come to the aid of the citizenry, and Emperor Valkoya II will declare war on the Army of Salvation. The War of Salvation begins.

Having earned a reputation as a "goddess of death that cuts through enemies like fog," Rikyo receives the weapons for which she is famed, a pair of "aosansarg" ("ring blade") collectively called "Runesakkuntayka" ("Deathmist"). The weapons were a gift for her "Rite of Adulthood."

4 B.F./1934 A.D.

Rikyo and Robar are part of the same unit. They both fall in love with fellow comrades, Rikyo with Malana Butar, and Robar with Malana Vara, who is Butar's sister.

1 B.F./1936 A.D.

At the Battle of Balba Palace, a unit under the command of Second Colonel Rikyo storms the palace, reaching the throne room. Emperor Valkoya II surrenders, calling off his troops. He and his followers are exiled to the sea. The War of Salvation ends.

0 B.F./1937 A.D.

The Empire of the Six is dissolved and the Federation of the Six established with Rikyo as president and Robar as vice president. The Imperial year was changed to "0" and not the month and day. It is decided to wait until the new year to pronounce the official beginning of the new calendar and the official anniversary of the foundation of the Federation of the Six.

1 Kamaran, 1 F.C. (Federative Calendar)/August 23, 1938 A.D.

The Federative calendar officially begins. Rikyo and Butar marry. Though Butar intends to take Rikyo's adopted surname, Balba, as per tradition, Rikyo breaks with tradition and takes Butar's surname instead, as Balba was the surname of Kora. Rikyo wants to distance herself from the past. Robar also marries Vara, taking her family name, Malana, as per tradition.

4 Ynyt, 2 F.C./May 29, 1940 A.D.

Malana Kokyge is born to Malana Rikyo and Malana Butar. Kokyge will eventually move to Electricity Island and marry Koga Yarsg, who takes Kokyge's surname.

8 F.C./1945 A.D.

Vedem Kal is born.

13 F.C./1949 A.D.

Vedem Kal, at the age 5, is discovered to be a child prodigy, but she suffers from a developmental disorder that hinders her social skills and heightens her anxiety. This disorder will be given the name "Vedem Syndrome."

18 F.C./1954 A.D.

Vedem Kal, at the age of 10, graduates from university and invents the Vedem temperature scale. The units used are called "Vedem" and zero is the lowest possible temperature.

34 Saranana, 23 F.C./July 5, 1959 A.D.

Malana Isa is born on Electricity Island to Malana Kokyge and Malana Yarsg. Kokyge dies in childbirth.

10 Nod, 33 F.C./July 1, 1968 A.D.

Malana Yarsg dies of blood cancer. Isa is adopted by a family friend, Sadf Lona, and Isa takes his surname.

32 Sert, 57 F.C./August 17, 1990 A.D.

Lona and Isa move to Fresh Water Island, where Lona confesses his love for Isa. The love is mutual, and Lona and Isa marry.

10 Tutuod, 58 F.C./December 17, 1991 A.D.

Sadf Soba is born in Fruit Spider City, Fresh Water Island to Sadf Lona and Sadf Isa. He will become a baker like his father and open Soba's Bakery in Sea Turtle Village. He will also marry Osya Zaeta III.

20 Kamaran, 60 F.C./March 9, 1993 A.D.

Osya Zaeta III is born in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island to Osya Zaeta II and Osya Mak. She will become a homemaker. She will also marry Sadf Soba.

1 Dedorya, 73 F.C./March 27, 2005 A.D.

Sadf Soba and Osya Zaeta III marry on Fruit Island, Soba takes her surname.

23 Kamaran, 74 F.C./February 14, 2006 A.D.

Osya Idera, named for a three-headed serpentine creature of ancient mythology, is born to Osya Zaeta III and Osya Soba in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. She will become a teacher, teaching at the Sea Fox Town Children's School.

14 Dedorya, 75 F.C./February 11, 2007 A.D.

Todo Kobokar, named for the late god of sea life, is born to Todo Kalyra and Todo Gatyro in Robar Beach, Fruit Island. He is the youngest of three siblings, his sisters being Todo Lyra, the oldest, and Todo Makoko, the middle child. He will become a dance instructor, teaching at Robar Beach Dance Academy in Robar Beach, Fruit Island. He will also marry Osya Raeko.

21 Tetn, 76 F.C./May 1, 2008 A.D.

Osya Raetu, named for the late goddess of tenderness, is born to Osya Zaeta III and Osya Soba in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. She will become an astronomer, working at the Fruit Island branch of the Electricity Island Star Union in Sea Turtle Village.

31 Ynyt, 77 F.C./September 29, 2009 A.D.

Osya Raeko, named for the late goddess of sex, is born to Osya Zaeta III and Osya Soba in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. At university, she will major in the arts and minor in engineering. She will become a dance instructor, teaching at Robar Beach Dance Academy in Robar Beach, Fruit Island, though her engineering skills are not to be underestimated. She will also marry Todo Kobokar.

15 Ynyt, 78 F.C./August 17, 2010 A.D.

Osya Kiraesen is named for the old Imperial and early Federative word for the number five (modern Federative: "kraesen"), as she is the fifth female in the family after Zaeta, Idera, Raetu and Raeko. She is born to Osya Zaeta III and Osya Soba in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. She will later be diagnosed with "Vedem Syndrome." She will also become a martial arts instructor, teaching at Kiraesen's Fight School in Sea Fox Town.

31 Ynyt, 91 F.C./September 3, 2022 A.D.

Todo Kobokar and Osya Raeko marry.

28 Ynyt, 100 F.C./December 23, 2030 A.D.

Soba goes missing. He will be presumed dead.

1 Kamaran, 101 F.C./January 1, 2031 A.D.

The story of "Turquoise Sisters" begins.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artwork, Part 5

This is a little something that I just drew using MS Paint: my preferred drawing program. Again, please forgive any lack of artistry, for I am no Leonardo da Vinci by any means.

The Sisters Osya
The Sisters Osya

Monday, December 2, 2013

Federative Distance, Weight, & Capacity Measurement

The Federative system of measurement is similar to the metric system that is used today. Distance is measured using the leklak; weight is measured using the kaklak; and capacity is measured with the laklak.

The main modifiers:
  • Takaenka, "milli-," "thousandth of"
  • Rakka, "centi-," "hundredth of"
  • Korka, "deci-," "tenth of"
  • Kor, "deka-," "ten of"
  • Rak, "hecto-," "hundred of"
  • Takaen, "kilo-," "thousand of"

The conversions:


Note: The leklak is used here but is true for all the other measurements (laklakkaklak) as well.

Note 2: For help pronouncing the alien words, refer to the Pronunciation Guide entry.

  • 1,000 takaenkaleklak = 1 leklak
  • 100 rakkaleklak = 1 leklak
  • 10 korkaleklak = 1 leklak
  • 10 leklak = 1 korleklak
  • 100 leklak = 1 rakleklak
  • 1,000 leklak = 1 takaenleklak


Note: The meter is used here but is true for all the other measurements (liter, gram) as well.

  • 800 millimeters = 1 leklak
  • 80 centimeters = 1 leklak
  • 8 decimeters = 1 leklak
  • 8 meters = 1 korleklak
  • 80 meters = 1 rakleklak
  • 800 meters = 1 takaenleklak

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Artwork, Part 4 and Happy Thanksgiving (Viewer Discretion Advised)

I would like to wish all my readers a happy Thanksgiving. Back in ye olde days of Turquoise Sisters, I hand-drew some pictures. Back then, there were only two sisters, "Hydra," now "Idera," and "Wraith," now "Raetu." Bluwans also had flesh-colored skin, rather than the light cyan skin that they have today.

An early concept of a submarine drydock on Earth
An early concept of a submarine drydock on Earth

An early concept of Idera, then "Hydra"
An early concept of Idera, then "Hydra"
An early concept of Raetu, then "Wraith," including the scrapped "blue fern" skirt
An early concept of Raetu, then "Wraith," including the scrapped "blue fern" skirt

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artwork, Part 3

Here is some more artwork, enjoy.

The picture directly below is a combination of two different images run through an "oil paint" filter.

Bluwan Landscape
Bluwan Landscape

Flag of the Empire of the Six

Flag of the Federation of the Six

A Bluwan "Abal" Fruit
A Bluwan "Abal" Fruit

H.M.S. Monarchy of the Portyard Royal Navy on Earth

H.M.S. Monarchy of the Portyard Royal Navy on Earth
"Deathmist:" Rikyo's signature weapons during the "War of Salvation"
"Deathmist:" Rikyo's signature weapons during the "War of Salvation"

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Osya Family Profiles

Below are the profiles of the Osya family.

All values are rounded. If these people seem rather weighty, it is mainly because Bluwans are a muscular species. Remember also that in Federative naming convention, the surname precedes the given name, and that the male traditionally takes the surname of the female upon marriage. These profiles are also current as of 1 Kamaran, 101 or January 1, 2031.

Update: These profiles have been changed to fit with the revised chronology.

Update 2: After making some calculations, I have determined the Gregorian birthdays of these characters.

Update 3: I noticed some errors I made in my calculations, so I revised the dates.

Name: Osya Soba (né Sadf)
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 10 Tutuod, 58 (December 17, 1991)
Age*: 42
Height: 74 inches (188 centimeters)
Weight**: 250 pounds (113.4 kilograms)
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Baker
Personality Traits:
Insightful, Wise, Caring

Name: Osya Zaeta
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 20 Kamaran, 60 (March 9, 1993)
Age*: 40
Height: 72 inches (183 centimeters)
Weight**: 200 pounds (90.72 kilograms)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Occupation: Homemaker
Personality Traits:
Charming, Tasteful, Elegant

Name: Osya Idera
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 23 Kamaran, 74 (February 14, 2006)
Age*: 26
Height: 71 inches (180 centimeters)
Weight**: 190 pounds (86.18 kilograms)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Occupation: Child Instructor
Personality Traits:
Gentle, Optimistic, Humorous

Name: Osya Kobokar (né Todo)
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 14 Dedorya, 75 (February 11, 2007)
Age*: 25
Height: 69 inches (175 centimeters)
Weight**: 200 pounds (90.72 kilograms)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Personality Traits:
Cautious, Humble, Soft-spoken

Name: Osya Raetu
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 21 Tetn, 76 (May 1, 2008)
Age*: 24
Height: 70 inches (178 centimeters)
Weight**: 188 pounds (85.28 kilograms)
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Astronomer
Personality Traits:
Eloquent, Intelligent, Benevolent

Name: Osya Raeko
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 31 Ynyt, 77 (September 29, 2009)
Age*: 23
Height: 67 inches (170 centimeters)
Weight**: 179 pounds (81.19 kilograms)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Personality Traits:
Playful, Spunky, Impetuous

Name: Osya Kiraesen
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 15 Ynyt, 78 (August 17, 2010)
Age*: 22
Height: 68 inches (173 centimeters)
Weight**: 181 pounds (82.1 kilograms)
Eye Color: Light Green
Hair Color: Dark Red
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Personality Traits:
Serious, Strong, Emotional

* In Bluwan Years
** In Bluwan Gravity

Monday, November 11, 2013

Federative Temperature Measurement

All values are rounded.

The official temperature measurement unit for the Federation of the Six is the "Vedem" (vay-daym). The unit is named for Vedem Kal, a female Bluwan scientist who invented the "Vedem Temperature Scale," during the Federation's early years. It is similar to the Kelvin scale, in that zero represents the lowest possible temperature: absolute zero. Below is a temperature comparison chart.

0 Vedem = 0 Kelvin = -273.15ºC (Absolute Zero)
1 Vedem = 2.73 Kelvin = -270.42ºC
100 Vedem = 273.15 Kelvin = 0ºC (Freezing Point)
113.546 Vedem = 310.15 Kelvin = 37ºC (Body Temperature)
200 Vedem = 373.15 Kelvin = 100ºC (Boiling Point)
1,922.021 Vedem = 5,250 Kelvin = 4,976.85ºC (Surface Temp of Bluwan Sun)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Federative Time Conversion Chart

All values are rounded. It is assumed that one Earth day is exactly 24 Earth hours and one Earth year is exactly 365.25 Earth days. It is also assumed that one Bluwan day is exactly 22 Earth hours and one Bluwan year is exactly 337⅓ Earth days.

Note: A "decisecond" is one-tenth of a second, and a "deci-hour" is one-tenth of an hour.

Note 2: For a guide on how to pronounce the alien words, please reference the "Pronunciation Guide" entry.

Federative to Federative:

10 korkasenka = 1 senka
10 senka = 1 uoaekan
10 uoaekan = 1 korkamatk
10 korkamatk = 1 matk
10 matk = 1 dasfkun
10 dasfkun = 1 zen
368 dasfkun = 10 muot = 1 desykun
10 desykun = 1 kordesykun
100 desykun = 10 kordesykun = 1 rakdesykun
1000 desykun=10 rakdesykun=1 takaendesykun

Federative to Earth:

1 korkasenka = 7.92 deciseconds
1 senka = 7.92 seconds
1 uoaekan = 1.32 minutes
1 korkamatk = 13.2 minutes
1 matk = 2.2 hours
1 dasfkun = 22 hours = 0.92 days
1 zen = 9.17 days = 1.31 weeks
1 desykun = 337.33 days = 0.92 years
1 kordesykun = 9.24 years
1 rakdesykun = 92.36 years
1 takaendesykun = 923.57 years


Korkasenka = Federative Decisecond
Senka = Federative Second
Uoaekan = Federative Minute
Korkamatk = Federative "Deci-hour"
Matk = Federative Hour
Dasfkun = Federative Day
Zen = Federative Week
Muot = Federative Month
Desykun = Federative Year
Kordesykun = Federative Decade
Rakdesykun = Federative Century
Takaendesykun = Federative Millennium

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Federative Months of the Year & Days of the Week

In the Federative timekeeping system, there are ten Bluwan days in one week and ten months in one Bluwan year. The months and days are both named for the Ten Elders in ascending order, based on rank. Their given names are the months, and their surnames are the days. Remember that in Federative naming convention, the surname precedes the given name. For example: Yk Kamaran, "Yk" is his surname and "Kamaran" his given name.

Note: For a guide on how to pronounce the alien words, please reference the "Pronunciation Guide" entry.

Months of the Year:

Kamaran - 37 Bluwan days
Dedorya - 36 Bluwan days
Sert - 37 Bluwan days
Nod - 37 Bluwan days
Tetn - 37 Bluwan days
Saranana - 37 Bluwan days
Aet - 37 Bluwan days
Tutuod - 37 Bluwan days
Katnk - 36 Bluwan days
Ynyt - 37 Bluwan days

Total - 368 Bluwan days

Days of the Week:


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Federative Numbers

The Federation uses a base-ten counting system, much like the one used widely today.

Ryn (reen) "0"
Ryn (reen) "0"
Ud (ood) "1"
Ud (ood)  "1"
Bovede (boh-vay-day) "2"
Bovede (boh-vay-day) "2"
Buvuda (boo-voo-dah) "3"
Buvuda (boo-voo-dah) "3"
Ranb (rahnb) "4"
Ranb (rahnb) "4"
Kraesen (krah-ay-sayn) "5"
Kraesen (krah-ay-sayn) "5"
Korman (kohr-mahn) "6"
Korman (kohr-mahn) "6"
Kar (kahr) "7"
Kar (kahr) "7"
Robo (roh-boh) "8"
Robo (roh-boh) "8"
Sepan (say-pahn) "9"
Sepan (say-pahn) "9"
Kor (kohr) "10"
Kor (kohr) "10"
Bovedesek (boh-vay-day-sayk) "20"
Bovedesek (boh-vay-day-sayk) "20"
Buvudasek (boo-voo-dah-sayk) "30"
Buvudasek (boo-voo-dah-sayk) "30"
Ranbsek (rahnb-sayk) "40"
Ranbsek (rahnb-sayk) "40"
Kraesensek (krah-ay-sayn-sayk) "50"
Kraesensek (krah-ay-sayn-sayk) "50"
Kormansek (kohr-mahn-sayk) "60"
Kormansek (kohr-mahn-sayk) "60"
Karsek (kahr-sayk) "70"
Karsek (kahr-sayk) "70"
Robosek (roh-boh-sayk) "80"
Robosek (roh-boh-sayk) "80"
Sepansek (say-pahn-sayk) "90"
Sepansek (say-pahn-sayk) "90"
Udrak (ood-rahk) "100"
Udrak (ood-rahk) "100"
Udtakaen (ood-tah-kah-ayn) "1,000"
Udtakaen (ood-tah-kah-ayn) "1,000"
Udlezat (ood-lay-zaht) "1,000,000"
Udlezat (ood-lay-zaht) "1,000,000"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pronunciation Guide

This is a pronunciation guide. The Federative vowels are "Akupa" (A), "Eosentkarun" (E), "Iosentdarun" (I), "Omaengum" (O), "Ukaelasak" (U), and "Yake" (Y). Remember that all vowels are separate syllables from one another. For example, in Federative, "ae" is pronounced "ah-ay" and is thus two syllables.

Pronunciation Guide:

"A" as in "Father" (ah)
"B" as in "Bob"
"D" as in "Dog"
"E" as in "Cafe" (ay)
"F" as in "Food"
"G" as in "Gold"
"I" as in "Ice" (ahy)
"K" as in "Kangaroo"
"L" as in "Lodge"
"M" as in "Mountain"
"N" as in "November"
"O" as in "Go" (oh)
"P" as in "Post"
"R" as in "Rust"
"S" as in "Salt"
"T" as in "Talk"
"U" as in "Tube" (oo)
"V" as in "Village"
"Y" as in "Lazy" (ee)
"Z" as in "Zero"

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Federative Punctuation

Below is the punctuation used in the Federative language.

Closing Double Quotation Mark
Closing Double Quotation Mark 
Closing Exclamation Point
Closing Exclamation Point
Closing Parenthesis/Bracket/Brace
Closing Parenthesis/Bracket/Brace
Closing Question Mark
Closing Question Mark
Closing Single Quotation Mark
Closing Single Quotation Mark
Opening Double Quotation Mark
Opening Double Quotation Mark
Opening Exclamation Point
Opening Exclamation Point
Opening Parenthesis/Bracket/Brace
Opening Parenthesis/Bracket/Brace
Opening Question Mark
Opening Question Mark
Opening Single Quotation Mark
Opening Single Quotation Mark