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Federative Timekeeping and Time Unit Conversion Tables

All values are rounded.

Below are two tables. The first table details the Federative months of the year and days of the week. The second table shows how to convert between various time units. If one has difficulty with the alien words, please refer to the Pronunciation Guide.

Each month and day in the Federative calendar is named for an Elder. The months are the Elders' individual names, and the days are the Elders' surnames.

Timekeeping Table
Muot re babu Desykun
(Months of the Year)
Dasfkun re babu Zen
(Days of the Week)
Kamaran 37 dasfkun Yk
Dedorya 36 dasfkun Motanga
Sert 37 dasfkun Meyory
Nod 37 dasfkun Uatka
Tetn 37 dasfkun Venotr
Saranana 37 dasfkun Kynkyn
Aet 37 dasfkun Iermat
Tutuod 37 dasfkun Toyk
Katnk 36 dasfkun Mot
Ynyt 37 dasfkun Ort
Total 368 dasfkun 10 dasfkun

Time Unit Conversion Table
Federative to Federative
10 korkasenka 1 senka
10 senka 1 uoaekan
10 uoaekan 1 korkamatk
10 korkamatk 1 matk
10 matk 1 dasfkun
10 dasfkun 1 zen
368 dasfkun 1 desykun
10 desykun 1 kordesykun
100 desykun 1 rakdesykun
1000 desykun 1 takaendesykun
Federative to Earth
1 korkasenka 7.92 deciseconds*
1 senka 7.92 seconds
1 uoaekan 1.32 minutes
1 korkamatk 13.2 minutes
1 matk 2.2 hours
1 dasfkun 22 hours
1 zen 9.17 days
1 desykun 337.33 days
1 kordesykun 9.24 years
1 rakdesykun 92.36 years
1 takaendesykun 923.57 years

  • Korkasenka = (Federative) Decisecond
  • Senka = (Federative) Second
  • Uoaekan = (Federative) Minute
  • Korkamatk = (Federative) "Deci-hour"
  • Matk = (Federative) Hour
  • Dasfkun = (Federative/Bluwan) Day
  • Zen = (Federative) Week
  • Muot = (Federative) Month
  • Desykun = (Federative/Bluwan) Year
  • Kordesykun = (Federative) Decade
  • Rakdesykun = (Federative) Century
  • Takaendesykun = (Federative) Millennium

* The prefix "deci" means "tenth of".

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Another Concept

Born on Fruit Island in the Federation of the Six on the planet Blue, Osya Kiraesen is the youngest of four sisters. She is a quirky, introverted, socially awkward but highly intelligent young Bluwan woman. When Kira was younger, she was diagnosed with Vedem Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. Her disability was a source of great stress, but eventually, she found a way to help herself through her ordeals via the practice of martial arts and meditation. Becoming highly fascinated with her means of stress relief, she deeply studied martial arts. This led to her becoming a martial arts instructor.

With the help of her sister Raeko, Kiraesen built her school in Sea Fox Town, calling it Kiraesen's Fight School. Kiraesen also lives in Sea Fox Town with Idera, the eldest of her sisters. One of Kiraesen's classes included a man named Nazk, with whom she fell in love. Kiraesen is also said to have the most beautiful smile of her sisters.

Kiraesen is in her bedroom, lying in her bed with her eyes closed. The bed sits in the right corner of the room when one walks in, and the headboard rests against the right wall. The adjoining wall adjacent to the long side of the bed has a window, and it is open. A gentle but chilly sea breeze caresses Kira's naked body, which prompts her to shiver. She closes the window, and then there is a knock at her door.

"Come," Kiraesen says. Idera opens the door. "Hello, Idera."

"Hello, Kira, would you like to come with me to town today?" Idera asks.

"What is going on?" Kira inquires.

"Raeko, Kobokar, and Raetu are visiting," Idera answers. "We are to meet them at the restaurant."

"I will come. I have not seen them for some time," Kira rises from her bed and joins Idera.

At the restaurant, Raeko, her husband Kobokar, and Raetu are sitting at an outdoor table under an umbrella. They are studying the menus. Raetu, who is farsighted, wears reading glasses.

"I seem to have reached an impasse," Raetu speaks.

"What do you mean?" Raeko looks up from her menu.

"I am having difficulty selecting what I desire to eat," Raetu yawns.

"Has anyone ever mentioned that you yawn very frequently?" Raeko asks.

"I cannot help it. I have issues with lethargy and hypersomnia," Raetu states as she continues to study the menu.

Kobokar yawns, "Curses, Raetu, now you have me yawning."

Raeko continues, "How is your snoring? Is it still loud and obtrusive?"

"I often wake myself," Raetu responds.

"So in other words, it has not improved any?"

"No," Raetu smiles, and she and Raeko giggle slightly.

"Well, look who it is," Raeko says as she sees Idera and Kiraesen approach from her peripheral vision.

"Hello, Raeko," Kiraesen says.

Raeko sees that Kiraesen is wearing a white brace on her left foot.

"I see that you remembered your foot brace this time," Raeko observes.

"Yes," Kira confirms.

"I trust that next time you show off your strength, that you will stomp the stone block with your good foot?" Raeko giggles.

Kira rolls her eyes, and with slight irritation in her voice, "I made a mistake, all right? Can I live nothing down?"

"Calm yourself, Kira; you know that Raeko is just teasing you," Idera smiles and puts her arm around her sister.

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The Planet Blue in 3D

The planet Blue, Taeso, and Duago
The planet Blue, Taeso, and Duago

Blue, Keryaega, and Taeso from the view of Duago
Blue, Keryaega, and Taeso from the view of Duago

A shot of the other side of Blue
A shot of the other side of Blue

Another beauty shot
Another beauty shot

The planet Blue
The planet Blue
The Bluwan surface texture map
The Bluwan surface texture map

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A Potential Beginning

Please note that this is based on the revised chronology. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien names and words, please refer to the Pronunciation Guide.

It is the centennial of the foundation of the Federation of the Six. A celebration is taking place in Sea Turtle Village’s central plaza. Idera, Raetu, Raeko, her husband Kobokar, and Kiraesen are present.

They watch as fireworks explode into sparkling rainbows in the night sky. With the fireworks shine the planet Blue’s twin moons, Taeso and Duago.

Raetu sighs and says, "What a magnificent display. If only Father could be here."

Kiraesen responds, "Please do not mention that. It really hurts my feelings to know that he is gone."

Idera puts her arm around Kiraesen, comforting her and kissing her on the cheek. Kiraesen smiles slightly and returns the gesture.

"Forgive me, Sister, I did not mean to upset you," Raetu apologizes.

The sisters' mother, Zaeta, comes to their side. She is 40 Bluwan years old, six feet tall, and is muscularly well-built, natural for Bluwans. She and Idera resemble each other, except Zaeta’s hair is slightly darker. Zaeta has her arms crossed.

"Hello, Mother," Raeko looks and greets.

Zaeta smiles, "Hello, Raeko, Kobokar."

Kobokar looks at Zaeta, "Greetings, dearest mother-in-law. Are you enjoying the festivities?"

"I am. What about the rest of you?"

Idera says, "I cannot complain, Mother. The food is delicious, the men handsome, the fireworks beautiful."

"I trust that you include me among those handsome men," Kobokar chuckles.

"Yes, but let us wait until we are alone," Idera jokes, and they all laugh.

"Kobokar is not for rent, Idera," Raeko says and then notices someone familiar, "Is that Nazk?"

Indeed, it is Nazk, one of Kiraesen’s martial arts students. He has short blonde hair and silver eyes and is conversing with another man.

"Is Kiraesen not in love with him?" Raetu inquires.

Kiraesen looks down to hide her bright blue blushing and then speaks quietly, "I am not in love with him. He is my student. It would be inappropriate."

"I thought that only student-teacher relationships would be inappropriate. Surely, just being in love with him is all right," Raetu responds.

"Why do you not go speak to him?" Raeko asks.

“Actually, I think he is coming to speak to her,” Zaeta notes as Nazk approaches them after finishing his previous conversation.

"Greetings Teacher," Nazk greets Kiraesen, who smiles slightly. He embraces her, "It is most agreeable to see you; you look very lovely this evening."

Kiraesen chuckles nervously, "Thank you, but there is no need to be so formal. Please, call me 'Kira,'" she requests.

"Kira, a lovely nickname for a lovely woman."

Kiraesen chuckles again, "Nazk, this is my mother, Zaeta. Mother, this is Nazk, one of my students."

"Hello, Madam, you have my deepest condolences for the loss of your husband."

"You are most kind. Soba was a good man, husband, and father. And I hope that one day you will be, too," Zaeta then gestures for Nazk to come closer.

Zaeta whispers in his ear, "I hear that a certain young woman will soon be available."

Nazk chuckles softly and says, "Thank you, Madam. Now if you will excuse me, I am heading home, for I am tired from all this merriment. Have a good night, Madam, girls," and Nazk leaves.

"I have to say Kiraesen; you have taste. He is a fine young man. I approve."

"Oh, Mother . . ."

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Family Tree

This is a family tree that I drew using MS Paint. It is based on the revised chronology.

Turquoise Sisters Chronology

Please note that this chronology is tentative and is subject to change. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien names, see the Pronunciation Guide.

19 B.F.*
1920 A.D.

A female, Rikyo, which translates to "revenge", is born to Emperor Valkoya's concubine Omun. Valkoya is the father, and he kills Omun after Rikyo's birth. Originally intending to kill the child, Valkoya changes his mind after seeing Rikyo's eyes, whose irises are a pale, blue-green color with no pupils. Valkoya realizes that Rikyo is blind, and Valkoya feels a sense of guilt that he had not felt since he went along with Kora's plan to assassinate his father. He decides to spare Rikyo, bestowing upon her the surname Balba, and making her an heiress to the throne, despite her birth by a concubine. Kora is not pleased about the arrangement.

Prince Robar and Prince Valkoya, the twin sons of Valkoya and Kora are also born around this time. Prince Valkoya will become Kora's "favorite". Rikyo and Robar will grow to be very close, and Emperor Valkoya will begin to have a change of heart.

12 B.F.
1926 A.D.

In an insane rage, Kora uses her dagger to savagely murder Emperor Valkoya. In her madness, she decides to kill Rikyo and Robar as well.

Rikyo, who wears a white blindfold, and her brother Robar, at the age of seven, are saved from being murdered. Their savior is Kanta, the lady-in-waiting who in reality is a spy for the Army of Salvation, a rebel faction against the tyrannical rule of Emperor Valkoya and Empress Kora. Kanta takes them to the future Salvation Forest, the clandestine base of the Army of Salvation. She adopts them and convinces them to join the Army.

With her descent into madness complete, Kora is locked in the palace dungeon and restrained. She will break free of her restraints several times and will attempt and fail to kill herself until she finally succeeds on Prince Valkoya's 14th birthday.

11 B.F.
1927 A.D.

Prince Valkoya becomes Emperor Valkoya II at the age of eight.

5 B.F.
1933 A.D.

Upon the successful suicide of his mother, Emperor Valkoya II begins his descent into madness, slaughtering some of his servants, and ordering a unit of the Imperial Army to go out and slaughter citizens indiscriminately. The Army of Salvation will come to the aid of the citizenry, and Emperor Valkoya II will declare war on the Army of Salvation. The War of Salvation begins.

Having earned a reputation as a "goddess of death who cuts through enemies like fog", Rikyo receives the weapons for which she is famed. Collectively called "Deathmist", they are a gift for her "Rite of Adulthood".

4 B.F.
1934 A.D.

Rikyo and Robar are part of the same unit. Rikyo falls in love with Malana Butar, and Robar falls in love with Butar's sister, Vara.

1 B.F.
1936 A.D.

At the Battle of Balba Palace, a unit under the command of Rikyo storms the palace, reaching the throne room. Emperor Valkoya II surrenders, calling off his troops. He and his followers are exiled to the sea. The War of Salvation ends.

0 B.F.
1937 A.D.

The Empire of the Six is dissolved and the Federation of the Six established. The Imperial year is changed to "0" but not the month or day. It is decided to wait until the new year to pronounce the official beginning of the new calendar and the official anniversary of the foundation of the Federation of the Six.

1 Kamaran, 1 F.C.**
August 23, 1938 A.D.

The Federative calendar officially begins. Rikyo and Butar marry. Though Butar intends to take Rikyo's adopted surname, Balba, as per tradition, Rikyo breaks with tradition and takes Butar's surname instead, as Balba was the surname of Kora. Rikyo wants to distance herself from the past. Robar also marries Vara, taking her family name, Malana, as per tradition.

4 Ynyt, 2 F.C.
May 29, 1940 A.D.

Malana Kokyge is born to Malana Rikyo and Malana Butar. Kokyge will eventually move to Electricity Island and marry Koga Yarsg, who takes Kokyge's surname.

8 F.C.
1945 A.D.

Vedem Kal is born.

13 F.C.
1949 A.D.

Vedem Kal, at the age of five, is discovered to be a child prodigy, but she suffers from a developmental disorder that hinders her social skills and heightens her anxiety. This disorder will be given the name "Vedem Syndrome".

18 F.C.
1954 A.D.

Vedem Kal, at the age of ten, graduates from university and invents the Vedem temperature scale for scientific applications. The units used are called "Vedem" and zero is the lowest possible temperature.

34 Saranana, 23 F.C.
July 5, 1959 A.D.

Malana Isa is born on Electricity Island to Malana Kokyge and Malana Yarsg. Kokyge dies in childbirth.

10 Nod, 33 F.C.
July 1, 1968 A.D.

Malana Yarsg dies of blood cancer. Isa is adopted by a family friend, Sadf Lona, and Isa takes his surname.

32 Sert, 57 F.C.
August 17, 1990 A.D.

Lona and Isa move to Fresh Water Island, where Lona confesses his love for Isa. The love is mutual, and Lona and Isa marry.

10 Tutuod, 58 F.C.
December 17, 1991 A.D.

Sadf Soba is born in Fruit Spider City, Fresh Water Island to Sadf Lona and Sadf Isa. He will become a baker like his father and open Soba's Bakery in Sea Turtle Village. He will also marry Osya Zaeta III.

20 Kamaran, 60 F.C.
March 9, 1993 A.D.

Osya Zaeta III is born in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island to Osya Zaeta II and Osya Mak. She will become a homemaker. She will also marry Sadf Soba.

1 Dedorya, 73 F.C.
March 27, 2005 A.D.

Sadf Soba and Osya Zaeta III marry on Fruit Island. Soba takes Zaeta's surname. They also agree that should they ever have children, they would take turns naming them. With the flip of a coin, they determine that Soba names their first child.

23 Kamaran, 74 F.C.
February 14, 2006 A.D.

Soba names his and Zaeta's first daughter Osya Idera. Like the rest of her sisters, Osya Idera is born in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. The "idera" was a mythical three-headed serpentine creature that pulled the chariot of the god of water, Romkar, whose name also graces the fifth planet in the Bluwan star system. Osya Idera will become a teacher, teaching at the Sea Fox Town Children's School.

14 Dedorya, 75 F.C.
February 11, 2007 A.D.

Todo Kobokar, named for the late god of sea life, who was killed in an ancient war between the gods, is born to Todo Kalyra and Todo Gatyro in Robar Beach, Fruit Island. He is the youngest of three siblings, his sisters being Todo Lyra, the oldest, and Todo Makoko, the middle child. He will become a dance instructor, teaching at Robar Beach Dance Academy in Robar Beach, Fruit Island. He will also marry Osya Raeko.

21 Tetn, 76 F.C.
May 1, 2008 A.D.

Zaeta names hers and Soba's second daughter Osya Raetu. "Raetu" is the late goddess of tenderness in ancient mythology, who was killed during an ancient war between the gods. In an ancient language, Raetu's name literally means "daughter of Tu." Osya Raetu will become the chief astronomer at the Fruit Island branch of the Electricity Island Star Union in Sea Turtle Village.

31 Ynyt, 77 F.C.
September 29, 2009 A.D.

Soba names his and Zaeta's third daughter Osya Raeko. "Raeko" is the late goddess of sex in ancient mythology, who was killed during an ancient war between the gods. In an ancient language, Raeko's name literally means "daughter of Ko." At university, Osya Raeko will major in the arts and minor in engineering. Raeko will also become a dance instructor, teaching at Robar Beach Dance Academy in Robar Beach, Fruit Island, though her engineering skills are not to be underestimated. She will also marry Todo Kobokar.

15 Ynyt, 78 F.C.
August 17, 2010 A.D.

It was again Zaeta's turn to name hers and Soba's newborn daughter. The story goes that Zaeta was having difficulty thinking of a name for her. While Zaeta was thinking, Soba made an offhand remark about how their fourth daughter was the fifth female in the family after her mother and three sisters. Zaeta, who is sometimes described as "quirky", lit up, saying, "That is it!"

"What?" Soba asked.

"I will name her 'Kiraesen'," Zaeta pronounced.

"'Kiraesen' is an archaic form of the word for the number five. Why not 'Kraesen'?"

"'Kiraesen' sounds better as a female name."

Soba smiled, chuckled, and shook his head, "Kiraesen it is then."

Osya Kiraesen will later be diagnosed with "Vedem Syndrome" and will also become a martial arts instructor, teaching at Kiraesen's Fight School in Sea Fox Town.

31 Ynyt, 91 F.C.
September 3, 2022 A.D.

Todo Kobokar and Osya Raeko marry. Kobokar takes Raeko's surname.

28 Ynyt, 100 F.C.
December 23, 2030 A.D.

Soba goes missing. He will be presumed dead.

1 Kamaran, 101 F.C.
January 1, 2031 A.D.

The story of Turquoise Sisters begins.

* Before Federation
** Federative Calendar

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Federative Distance, Weight, & Capacity Measurement

The Federative system of measurement is similar to the metric system. Distance is measured using the leklak; weight is measured using the kaklak; and capacity is measured with the laklak. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien words, refer to the Pronunciation Guide.

Note: While the leklak is used for comparison in the tables below, the same also applies to the other units (kaklak, laklak) as well.

takaenka- milli-
(thousandth of)
rakka- centi-
(hundredth of)
korka- deci-
(tenth of)
kor- deka-
(ten of)
rak- hecto-
(hundred of)
takaen- kilo-
(thousand of)

Federative to Federative
1000 takaenkaleklak 1 leklak
100 rakkaleklak
10 korkaleklak
1 korleklak 10 leklak
1 rakleklak 100 leklak
1 takaenleklak 1000 leklak

Metric to Federative
800 millimeters 1 leklak
80 centimeters
8 decimeters
8 dekameters 1 korleklak
80 hectometers 1 rakleklak
800 meters 1 takaenleklak

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Federative Numbers

These symbols represent the numbers used by the Federation of the Six. The counting system is base-ten. For help pronouncing the names of the numbers, please see the Pronunciation Guide.

Ryn (Zero) Ud (One) Bovede (Two)
Ryn (Zero) Ud (One) Bovede (Two)
Buvuda (Three) Ranb (Four) Kraesen (Five)
Buvuda (Three) Ranb (Four) Kraesen (Five)
Korman (Six) Kar (Seven) Robo (Eight)
Korman (Six) Kar (Seven) Robo (Eight)
Sepan (Nine) Kor (Ten) Bovedesek (Twenty)
Sepan (Nine) Kor (Ten) Bovedesek (Twenty)
Buvudasek (Thirty) Ranbsek (Forty) Kraesensek (Fifty)
Buvudasek (Thirty) Ranbsek (Forty) Kraesensek (Fifty)
Kormansek (Sixty) Karsek (Seventy) Robosek (Eighty)
Kormansek (Sixty) Karsek (Seventy) Robosek (Eighty)
Sepansek (Ninety) Udrak (One hundred) Udtakaen (One thousand)
Sepansek (Ninety) Udrak (One hundred) Udtakaen (One thousand)
Udlezat (One million)
Udlezat (One million)

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Pronunciation Guide

This is a pronunciation guide. The Federative vowels are "Akupa" (A), "Eosentkarun" (E), "Iosentdarun" (I), "Omaengum" (O), "Ukaelasak" (U), and "Yake" (Y). Remember that all vowels are separate syllables from one another. For example, in Federative, "ae" is pronounced "ah-ay" and is thus two syllables. One may also note the absence of the letters "C", "H", "J", "Q", "W", and "X", as these letters do not exist in the Federative language.

Federative Letter English Letter
Akupa A Father
Bayenya B Bob
Dandandanya D Dog
Eosentkarun E Cafe
Forsente F Food
Gagemogokan G Gold
Iosentdarun I Ice
Kaelatuk K Kangaroo
Larak L Lodge
Magnakopya M Mountain
Nasent N November
Omaengum O Go
Parakanmaga P Post
Reme R Rust
Sentdekyo S Salt
Tutmae T Talk
Ukaelasak U Tube
Varun V Village
Yake Y Lazy
Zaeze Z Zero

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Details of the Bluwan Star System

Keryaega, the Federative word for "sun" or "star," is an orange dwarf star, smaller and cooler than Earth's sun. Below are the details of Keryaega and her planets.

Note: Please refer to the Pronunciation Guide for a guide on how to pronounce the alien words.

Bluwan Star System
An overview of the Bluwan Star System
Sol & Keryaega
A comparison of the sizes of Earth's sun and Blue's sun
Earth & Blue
A comparison of the sizes of Earth and Blue

All values are rounded.


  • Translation: Sun/Star
  • Classification: Star
  • Type: Orange Dwarf
  • Number of Planets: 10
  • Spectral Class: K0V (read: kay-zero-five)
  • Diameter†: 778,410 miles (1,252,729.46 km)
  • Photospheric Temperature: 8,990.33ºF (4,976.85ºC; 5,250K)
  • Distance from Solar System: 300 light-years (91.92 parsecs)


  • Namesake: Bluwan God of Peace, Light, and Righteousness
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Position in System: 1
  • Number of Satellites: 0
  • Diameter: 3,500 miles (5,632.7 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 0.1 AU*
  • Ring System: No


  • Namesake: Bluwan God of Marriage and Fertility
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Position in System: 2
  • Number of Satellites: 0
  • Diameter: 6,750 miles (10,863.1 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 0.3 AU
  • Ring System: No


  • Namesake: Bluwan Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Position in System: 3
  • Number of Satellites: 3
  • Diameter: 7,500 miles (12,070.1 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 0.6 AU
  • Ring System: No


  • Translation: Blue
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Pelagic
  • Position in System: 4
  • Number of Satellites: 2
  • Diameter: 7,850 miles (12,633.35 km)
  • Surface Area†: 193,592,793.3 mi² (501,403,032.89 km²)
  • Percentage of Water Coverage: 87% of surface area
  • Percentage of Icecap Coverage: 9.75% of surface area
  • Percentage of Island Coverage: 3.25% of surface area
  • Surface Gravity: 0.95g (30.57 ft/sec², 9.32 m/sec²)**
  • Surface Pressure at Mean Sea Level: 10 PSI (68.94 kilopascals, 689.48 millibars)***
  • Synodic Rotation Period (Length of Day): 22 Earth-hours
  • Orbital Period (Length of Year): 337⅓ Earth-days
  • Semi-major Axis: 0.8 AU
  • Ring System: No


  • Namesake: Bluwan God of Water and the Sea
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Pelagic
  • Position in System: 5
  • Number of Satellites: 1
  • Diameter: 11,100 miles (17,863.72 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 1 AU
  • Ring System: Yes


  • Namesake: Bluwan Goddess of Time
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Position in System: 6
  • Number of Satellites: 15
  • Diameter: 70,000 miles (112,654.08 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 5 AU
  • Ring System: Yes


  • Namesake: Bluwan God of Thunder and Lightning
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Position in System: 7
  • Number of Satellites: 20
  • Diameter: 55,000 miles (88,513.92 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 10 AU
  • Ring System: Yes


  • Namesake: Bluwan Goddess of Humor
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Position in System: 8
  • Number of Satellites: 25
  • Diameter: 20,000 miles (32,186.88 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 20 AU
  • Ring System: Yes


  • Namesake: Bluwan God of War, Darkness, and Evil
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Position in System: 9
  • Number of Satellites: 2
  • Diameter: 4,750 miles (7,644.38 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 30 AU
  • Ring System: No


  • Namesake: Bluwan Goddess of War, Darkness, and Evil
  • Classification: Planet
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Position in System: 10
  • Number of Satellites: 1
  • Diameter: 3,000 miles (4,828.03 km)
  • Semi-major Axis: 50 AU
  • Ring System: No

† Assumes that the object is perfectly spherical
* 1 AU or astronomical unit is 92,955,807.267 miles or 149,597,870.69 kilometers.
** Earth gravity is 1g (32.17 ft/sec², 9.81 m/sec²).
*** Earth air pressure at sea level is 14.7 PSI (101.35 kilopascals; 1,013.53 millibars).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Turquoise Sisters Concept 2

Note: Though I have revised the chronology of this story, the changes will not be reflected in these posts because these are concepts. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien words, please refer to the Pronunciation Guide.

There is a world, a world with twin moons that orbits an orange sun as the fourth planet. This world has polar icecaps but is blanketed by a vast ocean of seawater. Islands with purple vegetation dot the seascape.

Living on this world are humanoids with blue skin, whose only hair is on the head. Their three-lobed brains permit them psionic abilities. The humanoids are amphibious, capable of living on land and underwater. Due to their nature as subaquatic beings, they have little need for clothing.

On the planet's equator is a six-island archipelago, shaped roughly like a pentagon. Five of the islands form the pentagon, while the sixth rests at the center. The six islands are one nation: the Federation of the Six. The "Federatives," the people of the Federation, call this world "Blue," and the people of Blue in general are "Bluwans."

Thousands of years before the Federation, there were the Ten Elders, who were Bluwans with superior psionic capabilities. With the help of other Bluwans and sea animals, the Elders built the Shrine of the Elders. The shrine's architecture focused psionic energy, allowing teleportation. However, only the Elders could teleport others and themselves.

For a period of time, the Bluwans and sea animals teleported via the Elders, traveling to frontiers anew. The Elders guarded the shrine. Unfortunately, there was an extremely violent volcanic eruption, and when fleeing the shrine, a cave-in forced the Elders to teleport to escape.

Four sisters of the Osya family live on Fruit Island, capital and center island of the Federation. Recently, their father, Soba, went missing and was presumed dead. Together, the sisters decide to search for him. The muscularly well-built women wade into the ocean from a beach overlooked by a hilltop forest. Before diving in, the sisters look up at the greenish-blue sky as the clouds hover above.

The eldest sister is Osya Idera, who is 26 Bluwan years old, is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, has long, dirty blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. She is a gentle, optimistic, and humorous instructor of young children and the family historian. There is hardly ever a frown on her face. She resides in the village of Sea Fox Town.

Next there is Osya Raetu, who is 24 Bluwan years old, is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, has long, jet black hair, and dark green eyes. She is an eloquent, benevolent, and intelligent astronomer and scientist with mild hypersomnia, and is known for her loud snoring. She resides in her and her sisters' hometown of Sea Turtle Village.

Then there is Osya Raeko, who is 23 Bluwan years old, is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, has very short, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She is a playful, spunky, and impetuous dance instructor and amateur engineer. She is married to Osya Kobokar, who is also a dance instructor. She and Kobokar reside at Robar Beach. Kobokar will tend to Zaeta, Soba's wife, while Raeko is away.

Last there is Osya Kiraesen, who is 22 Bluwan years old, is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, has short, dark red hair, and pale green eyes. She is a serious, strong, and emotional martial arts instructor with her own dojo and rare psycho-electric abilities. Her emotional problems require her to meditate often. She resides with Idera in Sea Fox Town.

Being fish-like, Bluwans have a transparent second eyelid, a gill on either side of the neck, and webbed fingers and toes. They can also navigate in pitch black areas using sonar. This is what the Osya sisters use to find the way through the darker parts of the ocean.

However, as they swim, a soft glow appears before them. The glow emanates from a small, luminescent crystal. As the foursome swim further, more and larger crystals appear, and the glow grows stronger. The brightest light spills over an outcropping. Peering beyond the ledge, the sisters' eyes grow wide.

What they see is a magnificent shrine, entirely encased in luminescent crystal. The shrine is slightly in ruins, but that does not detract from its beauty.

"It is brilliant!" Raeko exclaims telepathically.

"Could this be the legendary Shrine of the Elders?" Kiraesen wonders.

"Indeed, it could be," Idera answers.

"For what are we waiting? Let us go!" Raeko darts toward the structure.

"Raeko, wait!" Raetu calls, reaching out her hand. She turns to the others and shrugs, "There she goes."

Idera closes her eyes and chuckles softly, "Come."

Raeko, naturally, is the first to enter the main hall of the shrine. The crystalline interior of the cavernous hall towers almost infinitely toward the ocean surface. The hall also houses a diverse menagerie of flora and fauna.

Raeko sees some glowing sea-butterflies, and she playfully mimics the sea-butterflies' movements as best as she can. She giggles, and the sound echoes. Raeko's sisters then enter the hall, staring in awe at the grandeur of the temple.

"This is incredible!" Idera exclaims telepathically.

"Yes, it is grand," Raetu concurs.

Kiraesen approaches and rests her right hand on a wall, closing her eyes. She opens them again, saying, "Great psionic energy flows through this crystal. I hear multiple, overlapping voices emanating from all across Blue."

Suddenly, Kiraesen gasps quietly. Kiraesen's eyes are wide, unblinking, her mouth open. She floats there motionlessly. Raeko notices this; concerned, Raeko goes to Kiraesen's side.

"Kira, Kira, are you all right?" Raeko asks, gently removing Kiraesen's hand from the wall. Raeko then rests her hands on Kiraesen's shoulders and shakes lightly. Kiraesen blinks, looking at Raeko confusedly.

"Is that you, Ko?" Kiraesen asks as Idera and Raetu come over.

Raeko breathes a sigh of relief, "You frightened me, my sister. Please do not do so again."

"What happened?" Raetu asks.

"Father, I heard Father. He is in danger," Kiraesen answers.

"Where is he?" Idera asks.

"He is on another island, many thousands of leklak from here."

"Perhaps that is where the Elders spent the remainder of their lives," Raetu conjectures.

Kiraesen nods, "That is the impression that I received when I touched the wall. Idera, are we not descendants of the Elders?"

Idera smiles and jokes, "What makes you think that I know?"

Raeko quips, "Considering that you expended innumerable hours in the library, researching our family history . . ."

Idera laughs and says, "Based on my research, I believe that we descend from the youngest Elder, a woman named Ort Ynyt."

Kiraesen nods, "All right, I believe that since we descend from the Elders, we can self-teleport. Do you concur, Idera?"

"I do, Kiraesen; however, it will take great energy, so let us be cautious."

Idera, Raetu, Raeko, and Kiraesen swim into the center of the shrine's main hall. They join hands, forming a circle. They then close their eyes and begin concentrating. Their bodies begin glowing bluish-white, and the brightness of the glow increases until alas, they vanish.

On another part of Blue, it is nighttime. The only illumination the planet receives is from the moonlight of Taeso, "Beauty," and Duago, "Love," Blue's moons.

The moonlight brightens the ocean bottom very slightly. Four bluish-white Bluwan-shaped silhouettes appear, brightening the ocean manifold.

The light slowly dissipates, leaving only the Osya sisters. The slight moonlight dimly highlights the contours of their muscles.

"Is it only me, or is it cold?" Raetu asks telepathically.

Idera answers, "Yes, it is rather chilly to me as well."

"Father's presence is much closer than before," Kiraesen says.

"I hope that Father is uninjured," Raeko responds. Suddenly, a male voice enters the sisters' minds.

"Idera, Raetu, Raeko, Kiraesen, I can sense you!"

"Father, we were hoping to find you! Are you all right?" Idera asks.

"I am well enough, considering that I am trapped."

"Trapped?" Kiraesen panics, "Where are you!?"

"Calm yourself, Kira. After escaping my incarceration from wherever I was, I fled into a forest but stepped into a trap. I am now suspended upside down by a rope wrapped round my ankle. I am now also very nauseous. Due to my nausea, I cannot even focus my mind enough to use psychokinesis to free myself. Where are you?"

"We are beneath the ocean. We have just teleported here from the Shrine of the Elders. It is also a bit colder than to what we are accustomed," Idera answers.

Soba laughs, "Indeed, now see if you can rescue me before my captors show. The moonlight should be bright enough that you can navigate through the forest. Just mind the traps. Goodbye, my daughters, I hope to see you."

As Soba exits the sisters' minds, Raeko swims round in an excited manner, "I am so happy to hear Father's voice again!" Raeko then stops to wonder, "Did Father say moonlight? It was daytime when we left from Robar Beach."

"Yes, we must have traveled very far to be on the night side of Blue," Raetu responds.

"Never mind that now! We must hurry, lest Father be eaten by a wild sea fox!" Kiraesen swims away hurriedly.

"Kira," Idera calls. Raetu comes to Idera's side, arms crossed.

"She has not changed much," Raetu admits, chuckling.

"Well, she is somewhat calmer than she once was. Kiraesen also is not as prone to crying spells, but ever since she fell in love with Nazk . . ."

"Nazk, is he not one of her students?" Raetu asks, and Raeko swims over.

"Do you mean that incredibly handsome young man, who almost makes me wish that I was not married!? Kira has superb taste!" Raeko exclaims.

"For what are you waiting? We must help Father!" Kiraesen says. With that, Idera, Raetu, and Raeko swim after Kiraesen.

The sisters emerge from the ocean onto the beach of a foreign island. The ocean gently washes over the sand, which glows white beneath the moonlight. Ahead of the sisters is the forest in which their father is trapped. They enter the forest.

The sisters trudge carefully. They avoid traps such as pits disguised as solid ground, by using psychokinesis to "push" what they suspect to be camouflage into it. Finally, they find a large Bluwan man suspended upside down. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, has short, jet black hair, and dark green eyes. The man is Soba.

"Father," Raeko whispers loudly.

"Kalo, Raeko!" Soba whispers back, "How are you all? I am very pleased to see you."

Kiraesen uses psychokinesis to break the rope holding Soba. Soba then lowers himself to the ground psychokinetically. The sisters embrace their father, happy to finally be reunited with him.

Unfortunately, they are not alone, as multiple green dots of light appear on their bodies. They suddenly all feel a stinging sensation on their necks, and they black out.

Soba and his daughters awake in a holding cell, sealed by a golden forcefield. A Bluwan male five inches taller than Soba, with short, dirty blonde hair, and purple eyes, stands at the other side of the forcefield. He wears a set of khaki coveralls but is otherwise barefooted. He smiles malevolently.

"Welcome back, Soba, and might I greet warmly your four, lovely daughters," The man speaks smarmily in an archaic dialect of the Federative language.

"Valkoya . . ." Soba sneers with contempt.

Valkoya nods, "The same," he then speaks to the sisters, "Please forgive the lack of furniture and heat, my dears. I imagine it is very cold to those unclothed. We only heat the more essential areas of the ship."

"Ship," the word slips inadvertently from Raetu's mouth. She then promptly covers it.

Valkoya chuckles, looking at Raetu, "From what we were able to learn, this was a spacefaring vessel of a highly advanced species very similar to our own. It was equipped with a propulsion system, capable of propelling the ship beyond the speed of light . . ."

Raetu prepares to object to such a notion, but Kiraesen stands up and blurts, "Nothing can travel faster than light! It is physically impossible!"

Valkoya laughs loudly. The sound echoes off the metal walls.

"Not only are you beautiful, young one, but you are spirited and intelligent," he says to Kiraesen, looking back at Soba, "I imagine you are a very proud father. I invite you and your daughters to dine with me, so that we may further discuss your purpose for being here. I will send for you shortly."

Valkoya exits the brig, and two guards take post at the forcefield. Kiraesen sits back down on the cold, reflective, metal floor. There is silence except for the gentle hum of the forcefield generator.

The sisters and their father sit at a table in the mess hall. Soba sits at the opposite end of the table from Valkoya. Two servers, a woman and a man, set plates, bowls, utensils, and drinking glasses on the table. The servers then set some covered platters and a bottle of liquid on the table. They uncork the bottle and uncover the platters. The liquid in the bottle is dark blue and is the juice of the abal fruit. On the platters are common Federative delicacies such as steamed kakuok and fereniuk pie.

"Latot, enjoy," the servers say and depart. After a brief, unnerving silence, Valkoya speaks.

"My father told me much about the Empire of the Six. I trust that even after five thousand years, the eating and drinking habits of your people has changed little. How is the Empire progressing today?" Valkoya asks.

Though Soba opens his mouth to respond, Idera speaks first.

"I assume that, based on your name, you descend from Emperor Valkoya the Second. Am I correct?"

Valkoya smiles, "I, the guards of your cell, those that just served our meal, we all descend from those that were exiled after the so-called 'War of Salvation,' five thousand years ago. I do indeed descend from the eponymous emperor."

Idera half-smiles and explains, "After Emperor Valkoya's exile, his sister, Rikyo, and brother, Robar, dissolved the Empire and reformed it into the Federation of the Six. Rikyo was the first president, and Robar was her vice-president."

Valkoya chuckles, "I find that to be very amusing."

Turquoise Sisters Concept 1

Note: Though I have revised the chronology of this story, the changes will not be reflected in these posts because these are concepts. For a guide on how to pronounce the alien words, please refer to the Pronunciation Guide.

Blue is the fourth of ten planets, orbiting an orange dwarf star at a distance of about 120 million kilometers. It is an earthlike planet, with twin moons and a vast ocean of seawater. There are polar icecaps, and a plethora of islands with purple vegetation dot the seascape.

Living on the planet are Bluwans, subaquatic humanoids with light blue skin and with two genders. The Bluwan body is hairless, with the exception of the head, and on either side of the neck is a curved gill.

The Bluwan six-chambered heart, on the right side of the chest, pumps copper-based, teal blue blood throughout the body. The hands and feet are also webbed.

Bluwans have dense musculature and great strength. The three-lobed brain permits psionic powers like telepathy and psychokinesis.

Three hundred light-years from Blue is the planet Earth. The year is 2030 A.D., and a renegade faction of Bluwans has overtaken the island of Portyard, slaughtering the eponymous king. The leader of the renegades is Valkoya, a Bluwan male claiming to descend from two emperors of that name.

Not far from Portyard is another, more remote island. Living here is another group of Bluwans, descendants of the first ones to come to Earth millennia ago. Fortunately, this community of people is benign.

Chieftain Taro Urtu descends from the Lost Elder. Urtu senses the mad Valkoya's evil intentions, so Urtu uses telepathy to contact another one of the Elders' descendants on Blue.

Thousands of years ago, Bluwans and sea animals coexisted undersea. Desiring to explore the universe, the Ten Elders, Bluwans with superior psionic capabilities, built a subaqueous shrine. The shrine's architecture focused psionic energy, allowing the creation of interplanetary energy portals via psychokinesis. However, only the Elders could create them.

For a period of time, Bluwans and animals alike used the portals, traveling to frontiers anew. The Elders guarded the shrine. Unfortunately, an extremely violent volcanic eruption forced an evacuation, but the youngest Elder, a female named Ort Ynyt, along with some others, could not escape. There was little choice but to use a portal, as the shrine collapsed.

Millennia after the disaster, Bluwans emerged from the ocean to settle on the islands.

In Blue's tropical zone, on the equator, was a six island archipelago. Modr Ged was a descendant of Supreme Elder Yk Kamaran. Ged's family and followers settled with Ged on the central island. Over time, other settlers came to occupy the remaining five.

The archipelago eventually became one nation dubbed the Empire of the Six. In the Empire, each island's eponym was its most abundant produce. The islands were Fruit Island (the capital), Vegetable Island, Electricity Island, Fresh Water Island, Grain Island, and Nut Island.

Ged became the Empire's first emperor, and the Empire prospered.

Emperor Tera Reknara was a kind and fair ruler. Descended from Modr Ged, Reknara would be the "Last Emperor of the Golden Age." He sired one heir, Prince Tera Valkoya. The emperor assigned to Valkoya a bodyguard, a young woman with the name Balba Kora.

Valkoya grew up to be unruly, to be full of greed and lust. Kora and he had much in common, eventually marrying. Valkoya took Kora's surname, Balba.

Becoming a princess did not sate Kora's thirst for power, however. With Valkoya's reluctant support, Kora viciously slew Emperor Reknara. Afterward, Valkoya and Kora took reign as the new emperor and empress, respectively.

Valkoya and Kora were ironhanded despots, enslaving many as concubines, with some becoming Kora's training fodder. Most of the concubines were sterilized.

Valkoya mated with his concubine Omun, whose husband was killed by the emperor. Omun later gave birth to a baby girl, calling her Rikyo, which means "revenge." Valkoya personally executed Omun after Rikyo's birth.

In the nursery, Valkoya held Rikyo, noticing unnaturally white eyes without pupils. Valkoya realized that Rikyo was blind, and felt a strange sensation permeating within him: guilt.

Originally planning to kill the child, he decided instead to raise Rikyo. Despite the birth by a concubine, Valkoya made Rikyo the heiress to the throne. She would be known as Princess Balba Rikyo.

The twins, Prince Valkoya the Second and Prince Robar, were born to the emperor and empress around the same time. The twins and Rikyo were raised as siblings.

The arrangement concerned Kora. Once Rikyo's extrasensory perception developed sufficiently, Rikyo would realize who Valkoya was, a mass-murderer. The fledgling rebellion called the "Army of Salvation" also continued to expand, adding insult to injury.

Kora's concern extended to her husband. Valkoya said that raising children had changed his heart. Valkoya even released his concubines and stopped enslaving people. The empress became disgusted by this turn of events.

Kora's methods of training were more brutal and more partial to dismemberment. More blood painted the walls of her training room, with many more body parts littering the floor. The palace custodians stopped even cleaning the room, for the sight of so much gore was too overwhelming for them.

Kora's concubines fared little better, for their mistress was more sadistic than usual. The guards of her "pleasure den" had to listen to the concubines' pained cries. The screaming echoed in the guards' heads long afterward.

Due to blindness, Rikyo's mind had to compensate, letting her gain full ESP (extrasensory perception) by age seven. Most Bluwans gained full ESP at age 14, the age of adulthood. The seven-year-old Rikyo knew who Valkoya was, a man trying to atone.

Rikyo and Robar were very close, holding no ill will toward Valkoya for past deeds. The siblings loved their father very much. Valkoya had become a better person. The same could not be said of Kora, whose mental state was slowly deteriorating.

Valkoya the Second spent much time with his mother. Kora sensed a potentially ruthless tyrant within her son. She groomed Valkoya the Second to be the ultimate despot, and had the prince join in training sessions.

Valkoya the First pleaded with Kora to stop and see the light. Kora snapped and went into a violent rage, maiming her husband to death. Kora then sought to slaughter Rikyo and Robar as well.

Robar and Rikyo sit and play with dolls in the playroom. Robar has short red hair and purple eyes. Rikyo has long brown hair and wears a white blindfold.

Kora keeps her mind closed, slowly approaching the slightly open door. Kora holds a dagger with a pale blue blade and a jewel-encrusted, silver hilt in her left hand. Her short blonde hair is untidy. Within her red eyes is a murderous madwoman. Rikyo stops playing.

"What is wrong, Rikyo?" Robar asks.

"Kora, she murdered Father, and now she approaches."

"How do you know this?"

"I can sense it. Kora thinks that she can hide from me."

Kora then hears Rikyo telepathically.

"I forgive you for killing Father, but your attempt at closing your mind is futile. Your mental barriers have weakened in your madness."

Kora responds telepathically, "It is time that you both ended."

"Robar, listen with care, roll backward on my signal," Rikyo instructs. Kora yells. Robar looks toward the door.

"Laka, yes, Rikyo," he swallows nervously. Kora then bursts into the room, diving for the kill.

"Basy, now!" Rikyo yells, and she and Robar roll backward. As Kora finishes diving, the dagger stabs a doll and lodges in the floor. Kora screeches like a wild animal. She removes the dagger, stands, and moves toward Rikyo. Kora's teeth are clenched in an insane grin. Suddenly, a woman with long red hair and golden eyes tackles Kora. Kora's head bashes the toy box, which renders her unconscious.

The other woman is Robar and Rikyo's lady-in-waiting, Kanta.

"Are you uninjured?" she asks. Rikyo and Robar both touch their respective right shoulders.

"Zut, good."

Rikyo feels Kanta's mind open and is surprised to learn, "You are a reconnaissance operative of the Army of Salvation."

"I am, and I promised your father that I would take you from here. If you do not wish to leave, I will not force you. However, Kora will not stop until she destroys you."

"What of our brother, Valkoya?" Robar inquires.

"He refuses to leave; he no longer even claims you."

Robar and Rikyo's body language indicate disappointment.

"Make haste with your decision. We do not yet want Kora to regain consciousness," Kanta leaves the room.

"Can we trust her?" Robar asks.

Rikyo answers, "I sense no deception. I suppose that it would be best to accompany her. Staying here would be foolish, considering that Kora just attempted to kill us.

"However, I will miss living here, and I will miss Valkoya and our father," the siblings sigh together. Robar then begins to cry, and Rikyo embraces him.

"Stay strong, my brother," Rikyo soothes him.

Valkoya the Second, at the age of eight, ascends to the throne after Kora has a nervous breakdown. She is committed to the palace dungeon.

After years of unsuccessful attempts at suicide, Kora finally succeeds on Valkoya the Second's 14th birthday. In his mad grief and anger, Valkoya slaughters some of the servants, and sends the Imperial Army to indiscriminately murder innocent people.

The Army of Salvation, now rivaling the Imperial Army, engages the Imperials to protect the citizens. Emperor Valkoya the Second declares war on the Army of Salvation, and the War of Salvation begins.

At the Battle of Balba Palace, the Army of Salvation desperately tries to hold the line. Second Colonel Lota's unit is late. In Lota's unit is his second-in-command, Third Colonel Balba Rikyo, who is one of the Army's best soldiers.

Rikyo wields a pair of aosansarg, which are double-edged circular swords. She uses the weapons to elegantly cut through enemy soldiers like fog. This is how she earned the nickname, "Goddess of Death."

Lota dies of a fatal wound before his unit can rendezvous with the remaining army at the palace. Lota field-promotes Rikyo to second colonel with his dying breath, and Rikyo becomes the leader of the unit.

The battle is won when Rikyo's unit slices through enemy lines and storms the palace. Her unit emerges in the throne room and corners the emperor.

Valkoya the Second and those loyal to him are exiled to the sea. The Empire of the Six is dissolved, becoming the Federation of the Six. The conversion to democracy was done to avoid further tyranny.

Rikyo becomes the first president of the Federation, with Robar becoming her vice president. The old Imperial calendar becomes the Federative calendar on 1 Kamaran, where the year becomes 1 F.C. (Federative Calendar).

Each month is eponymous with the given name of an Elder based on their rank in ascending order. The Supreme Elder was Kamaran, so the first month is named Kamaran. Ynyt was the lowest ranking Elder, so the last month was named Ynyt.

The days of the week work similarly, except the Elders' surnames are used instead. Kamaran's surname was Yk, so the first day of the week is Yk, and Ynyt's surname was Ort, so the last day of the week is Ort.

On 34 Saranana, 4923 F.C. on Electricity Island, Malana Kokyge died in childbirth. The newborn was a baby girl. The father, a thin man with lean muscle, wrapped the child in a blanket.

"Isa," the man named the child.

His name was Malana Yarsg, who unfortunately died of blood cancer on 10 Nod, 4933. Isa was adopted by a family friend, Sadf Lona, becoming Sadf Isa.

On 24 Aet, 4933 on Fruit Island, Lasd Domena gave birth to a baby boy, Lasd Robar, who was named for the Federation's first vice president. Robar's father was Lasd Reknara, who was named for Emperor Reknara.

On 32 Sert, 4957, Robar and Isa married on Fresh Water Island, and Robar assumed Isa's surname, Sadf. They had a son, Soba, on 10 Tutuod, 4958.

Osya Zaeta the Second and Osya Mak had a daughter, Zaeta the Third, on Fruit Island on 20 Kamaran, 4960.

Soba and Zaeta the Third married on Fruit Island on 1 Dedorya, 4973. They later had four daughters: Idera, Raetu, Raeko, and Kiraesen.

On 28 Ynyt, 5000, Soba went missing after receiving a telepathic message. He was presumed dead. A volcanic eruption uncovered the ruins of the ancient shrine. Being descended from the Elders, Soba opened a portal, per the message's instructions. Soba entered the portal and was carried to Earth.

It is now 37 Ynyt, 5000. It is the last day of the year.

Osya Idera was born on 23 Kamaran, 4974. She is a gentle, optimistic, and humorous child instructor, living in Sea Fox Town, Fruit Island. For three consecutive years, Idera received the Instructor of the Year award from the Sea Fox Town Children's School. As evidenced by her profession, Idera loves children. It is common to hear laughter coming from Idera's classroom, and it is hard to find her without a smile.

Osya Raetu was born on 21 Tetn, 4976. Raetu was born with a hole in the wall separating her right and central atria of her heart. Fortunately, surgeons were able to correct the problem. However, Raetu now has mild anemia and hypersomnia, having difficulty staying awake, and is well-known for her loud snoring.

Aside from her condition, she is an eloquent, intelligent, and benevolent astronomer, living in Sea Turtle Village, Fruit Island. Raetu works for the Fruit Island branch of the Electricity Island Star Union, at Fruit Island Space Center. Raetu has had many of her findings published, and has a theory that planets orbiting yellow dwarf stars are potentially habitable. However, many of Raetu's colleagues are skeptical about the possibility.

Osya Raeko was born on 31 Ynyt, 4977. Raeko is infertile and is incapable of bearing children.

Aside from that, she is a playful, spunky, and impetuous dance instructor and amateur engineer. Raeko and her husband, Kobokar (born 14 Dedorya, 4975), married on 31 Ynyt, 4991, moving to Robar Beach, Fruit Island. They both teach at Robar Beach Dance Academy. Raeko and Kobokar's titillating dancing won them the Yosbane Award for Best Dancing. Their bond is nigh unbreakable, and they are rarely apart.

Osya Kiraesen was born on 15 Ynyt, 4978. Kiraesen is a serious, strong, and emotional martial arts instructor, gifted with rare, psychoelectric abilities. Living with Idera in Sea Fox Town, Kiraesen established a dojo there called Kiraesen's Fighting School, which specializes in the "sea fox" fighting style. Kiraesen must meditate often to control her overbearing emotions. However, Kiraesen is still prone to crying spells, even more so since she fell in love with Nazk, a student at the dojo.

Soba's daughters receive a telepathic message in their dreams.

The sisters have the same dream in which rain pounds on the black asphalt of a dimly-lit street that stretches into eternity. Wind rushes through their hair, and their naked, muscular bodies stand back-to-back, observing the alien yet somehow familiar scenery.

Of the seemingly infinite lampposts on either sidewalk, a lamppost on the right sidewalk is more brightly lit than the rest. A muscular naked man bathes under its soft orange light. Raetu sees him first.

"Father," Raetu says softly. Her sisters turn to look.

"It cannot be. Father is dead," says Raeko.

"He was presumed dead," corrects Kiraesen. Idera remains silent but motions for her sisters to follow.

The man is Soba. He has short black hair and dark green eyes. Raetu shares Soba's eye and hair color but has long hair, flowing like a river in the wind. Raetu is the first to step into the light, revealing her tears. She embraces Soba tightly.

"Raetu," Soba says and kisses his daughter's forehead.

"Father, it is you," Raetu's tears fall, and she embraces tighter. Soba cannot help but notice how strong Raetu is. He begins to have trouble breathing.

Soba chuckles, "If you squeeze any tighter, you may crush me."

Raetu releases her embrace, wiping away tears, and Idera takes Soba's hands. He strokes Idera's hair.

"That long dark blonde hair and those pale blue eyes, if I did not know any better, I would swear that you were your mother. How is Zaeta?"

"Mother is well; she misses you greatly."

Soba's eyes twinkle, "Does she also miss the way I kiss her neck?"

Idera giggles softly, "It is almost all she talks about."

"How about the children, the ones you teach?"

"They can be a handful, but I sense their bright futures, and you, of course, remember Babo, the oldest boy?"

"Babo is very special indeed. His future is brightest of all. Make sure to let your optimism rub off on him. There are too few people with your optimism."

"Yes, father," Idera smiles.

Raeko, who has very short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, peeks from behind Idera, smiling.

Soba laughs, "Come Raeko."

Idera moves aside, allowing Raeko to jump into Soba's strong arms. Raeko gives Soba a big kiss on the cheek.

"Father, I am so happy to see you. I thought you were dead. To see you alive makes me want to dance."

"How is Kobokar?" he asks.

"He is well, but your well-being occupies most of his thoughts."

Soba's youngest daughter, Kiraesen, has short, dark red hair, and pale green eyes. She keeps a distance, attempting in vain to keep from crying. Relenting, Kiraesen bursts into tears, and gets on her knees.

Soba, Raeko, Idera, and Raetu approach Kiraesen. The four get on their knees, and Soba hugs his daughter.

"Oh, Father," Kiraesen says and buries her head in Soba's chest.

"What happened?" Soba asks softly. Kiraesen looks into her father's eyes.

"I am in love with Nazk, one of my students at my dojo. One day Lakae, another student, accused me of favoritism. To prove her wrong, I had Nazk do the balance beam exercise over a craggy pit rather than inside the dojo. He fell and was severely injured. The doctors told me that Nazk may never walk again. I feel terrible, stupid, for letting myself be pushed into making the one I love do something, which I would not make anyone else do!"

"Do not be too hard on yourself, my daughter. Bluwans are not infallible. We all make mistakes that we regret. What is important is that we learn from them."

The four sisters swim deep into the ocean. Unable to see due to the darkness, they use sonar as their guide. Eventually, they come across large, glowing crystals.

The ruins of the Shrine of the Elders come into view, illuminated by the same type of crystals. The sisters swim into the structure. The glowing crystalline interior towers toward the water's surface. The light highlights the contours of their muscular, naked bodies, as they stare upward in awe.

"Magnificent, so the Shrine of the Elders is real," Idera says telepathically.

"Indeed, it is grand," Raetu agrees.

"I sense great power flowing throughout. I hear many faint voices that originate far beyond Blue," Kiraesen says.

"I also hear them, so there is life beyond us. I always believed so," Raetu smiles. The sisters then hear a very familiar voice in their heads.

"Kalo, my daughters," the voice speaks.

"Is that you, Father?" Raeko asks.

"Laka, Raeko, it is me. Welcome to the legendary Shrine of the Elders."

"Hearing your voice soothes my soul greatly, Father. However, where are you?" Kiraesen asks.

"I am being held aboard a submersible vehicle on a planet called Earth. I have been captured by a man who claims to descend from emperors Valkoya the First and Second of the old Empire. I need you to come and rescue me, for I grow weary and my powers are dwindling."

Raetu frets, "By what means can we travel? This 'Earth' is likely to be innumerable takaenleklak from here, and we have no means of traveling that far in due time."

"Like I did, you must use your psychokinesis to open an energy portal. You can do so, for you are descendants of the Ten Elders."

"Of course, how could I have forgotten? Idera is the better historian, and is more familiar with our genealogy," Raetu smiles and looks at Idera.

"You are the stargazer, dear sister," Idera returns the look and smiles.

"Forgive me, but I must leave you now. I love you all and believe that you will succeed in rescuing me and will halt the machinations of my mad captor. Ralo, ne gouka. Goodbye, my daughters."

As Soba's presence slowly fades, Raeko closes her eyes in sadness. Kiraesen puts her arm around Raeko supportively. Raeko opens her eyes and returns the gesture. Eventually, all the sisters have their arms around one another.

"I wonder to what 'machinations' that Father was referring," Raetu ponders.

"I suppose that we will learn of them when we arrive on Earth," Idera says.

"You cannot possibly be serious. What of our responsibilities here?" Kiraesen objects.

Idera sighs, "We have no choice, Kira. Lest Father dies, we must go."

The sisters emerge from an energy portal under an ocean alien to them.

"Is it only me, or do you all feel heavier, too?" Kiraesen asks.

"Yes, I estimate that we have gained about six takaenkaklak. The gravity here must be greater than on Blue," Raetu says.

Suddenly, a voice unfamiliar to the sisters speaks in their heads in an archaic form of their language.

"Kalo, you must be Soba's daughters. Welcome to Earth. I am Taro Urtu."

"Are you the one holding our father captive?" Raeko asks.

"Loyo, no, I am a friend of Soba. I sensed you, as you exited the portal from Blue. I invite to see me in person at my home, an island not too far from where you are now."


When I was in middle school, the homeroom class would watch something called "Channel One News" on the classroom's television. One particular segment of it featured a tribe of Amazon Indians. What intrigued me was that these people wore little or no clothing. This was the catalyst that planted the seed in my mind that would eventually grow into Turquoise Sisters.

The concept of Turquoise Sisters manifested in my mind around February of 2004, when I was 13 years old (I would turn 14 in September). Turquoise Sisters is about four (originally two) sisters of an alien species called the "Bluwans", who attempt to rescue their father (or at least, that was the original story). The Bluwans are humanoids with light cyan skin, have psionic powers, are capable of breathing underwater, and have webbed fingers and toes. The Bluwans live on the planet Blue, a twin-mooned pelagic planet, whose surface consists of about 16 percent more water than Earth, and whose largest landmasses are the polar icecaps, with small islands as the remainder.

The sisters themselves are natives of a democratic nation called the Federation of the Six, so named because it is a group of six islands. Most of the people of the Federation do not wear clothes. The demonym of the Federation of the Six is "Federative".

It has been a little over twelve years since I envisioned Turquoise Sisters. The story is not finished and may never be, but I created this blog to share what I have done. I hope that any readers will enjoy it.